Do you own your digital identity?

IFFY is geared at creating a secured online social networking ecosphere that is committed to verifiable information through selfsovereign digital identities

Amazing Features

A Decentralized self-Sovereign Identity on the blockchain

Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)

W3C standards

About Our App

IFFY mobile wallet secures and streamlines interactions between individuals and organisations using Self-Sovereign Identity.

We help users with an improved digital identity to their digital lives

Digital identity is central to our digital lives and identity verification is expected to be a $20 Billion market.

How IFFY Works

Interact with the IFFY mobile wallet

Store your digital claims securely

Share and verify your credentials securely

You own and control your data


Instantly and accurately verify an individual's indentity, eliminating the risk of identity fraud.


Fast and frictionless onboarding and interaction with new and existing customers


Build long-term relationships based on trust with indivisual customers on their terms.


Strengthen and simplify both internal and external regulatory data compliance.

Latest Blog Post

IFFY is the first company that allows users to share HIV records securely through self sovereign identities.

Importance of HIV Status

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says 1.1 million people from the USA are living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and around 56,300 people are infected every year. The

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Andrew Thomas

Co Founder

Steven Burg

Co Founder/CTO

Zephaniah Burrows

Co founder/President

Anessa Allen Santos

Corporate Counsel

Jasmine Simmons

Team Leader

Anessa Allen Santos

Corporate Counsel

Jasmine Simmons

Team Leader

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