Online dating is a big sector. These days, people are really connecting as well as dating through dating applications.

Moreover, these apps are getting accepted as well while we look at it in the early 2000s, where accepting was a bit of shame. People were opposed to joining the network, creating an account, and searching for a dating partner using the internet.

However, online dating doesn’t have as much stigma as it had earlier. Nowadays, using a dating app is common for people, because they find many options for meeting and dating.

But connecting with people through online dating apps doesn’t ensure that the person is healthy. Here, a healthy person means, a person not living with HIV.

As per the STD reports, the percentage of people who have HIV disease is increasing every year. This is because people feel shame to disclose their HIV status while dating to their partners. They are more worried about the humiliation they receive from society.

Therefore, in order to decrease, the rising STD’s percentage, the blockchain healthcare solution could benefit the online dating industry.

A disruptive application, enables people to exchange personal health records securely.

Iffy is the Blockchain Healthcare application that can offer universal dating apps a smart and secure way of exchanging user’s sensitive health records on the system.

Users can download the Iffy app and create their profile on it. Once the registration process is completed, the IFFY ID will be generated. They can share this ID with lab technician to upload the files or medical reports. Nobody can access the uploaded reports of users in the system without their consent.

Health information breaches are one of the most common issues, in which user’s medical records get leaked to third parties. People don’t go for their HIV check-ups, because breaching data can ruin their reputation.

But, when healthcare and dating industry get connected with blockchain, there will be no data breaching or manipulation with health records, enabling users to do a healthy dating as well.

Connecting with Iffy means proper transparency, safety and security in the system, as a user has the ownership of their health records. They can connect with people and can exchange STD medical record for a certain period.

Every piece of record, which is saved on the blockchain can be controlled by the user only. They can decide with whom they need to share their personal files and for how much time. Even, they can revoke the given access at any time, i.e., people cannot access the user’s data with their IFFY ID as well after revoking.

In a nutshell, blockchain for HIV records is the best possible solution that gives users the ownership of the data. STD-affected people can also connect with STD awareness group and securely exchange their protected health information to get the prevention.

So, without any doubt, find your dating partner who is perfectly compatible with you and start a healthy relationship without compromising health issues. A blockchain-based dating solution is here to get you the love of your life in a more healthy way.