Sexually transmitted diseases’ (STDs) ratio is increasing with every passing day. Based on the survey, approximately, 20 million new STD cases are registered every year that cost 16 billion dollars to the American Healthcare system. Most of the cases are found to be of 15 to 24 year age group people.

STDs are generally transmitted during sexual contact. Even, it is possible to contract STD from people who may seem perfectly healthy.

Regular meet-ups with your date companion are fine, but when it comes to getting intimate, the situation can become tough. Can you tell if someone is HIV positive or negative just by meeting or viewing the profile on a dating app?

In this digital era, online dating apps are gaining traction. Users create their profile on the app, upload their pictures with a short bio and look out for the perfect match. But accessing the user’s details on the app doesn’t reveal their HIV status.

When people connect with each other through dating apps, it is crucial to be ensured of their HIV status. And, this can only be done if people would ask for their medical records before starting online interaction.

Currently, there is no way to exchange medical records securely, but if the dating app would integrate with blockchain technology, this can be possible.

The blockchain, a decentralized distributed ledger is used to store the unaltered transactions records on every block in the chain. It is based on the peer-to-peer network, that enables data not to get stored in a single centralized location.

Blockchain has the potential to transform any sector while bringing trust and security to the system. Blockchain technology offers transparency and immutability in the whole ecosystem. These two factors can play a significant role in verifying the authenticity of the user’s health records and ensuring the user’s anonymity.


How can blockchain promote healthy dating?

Iffy is the only healthcare application that comprises all benefits of the blockchain technology. With the help of, users can exchange their health records securely to find the perfect healthy match.

Iffy ensures that all the health records, which are saved on the blockchain are tamper-proof and cannot be altered by anyone.

While viewing the user’s profile on any dating app if you like someone, you can contact them and ask for their medical records. Similarly, if another user is interested in you, they can provide access to view the records for a certain period.

Once you get assured about their HIV status, you can think to start a healthy relationship with another user.

Every health record can be securely stored on the blockchain and get copied on every block in the chain. Cryptography, time-stamping and digital signature, offered by blockchain technology can make the transactions records immutable. Therefore, trust can be brought in the healthcare ecosystem with blockchain. A blockchain healthcare application would require the user’s consent every time to access the protected health records of any individual.

With the Iffy app, find the perfect and healthy match for dating. You can securely share your medical records for a certain period and can revoke the access at any time. Moreover, users don’t need to worry about their saved health records on the blockchain, as there will be no data breaches.