While many social networking sites are available nowadays like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, the way people interact with each other has transformed completely.

With every passing day, people are getting addicted to many social sites for making friends or finding a companion to hang-out or for many other reasons. People who meet online don’t know each other personally. Also, they are unaware of their health’s well being that’s why connecting with people through social networking sites can lead to health risks.

For many people, one of the worst fear is that they are not dating a person with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). They wonder how to ask or confirm their HIV status without hurting their pride.

Many people are STD-affected and knowing this fact; they feel shame to discuss or disclose their health status with the other person. But, if you want to have a healthy relationship with a stranger, healthy interaction is required.

Before getting into any relationship, what if you ask your dating partner to share HIV status to keep the relationship secure and healthier. By exchanging medical reports together, you can both have a deeper understanding of your partner’s health.

Now, exchanging the medical records has become more accessible as well as secure with IFFY.

Iffy is the medical wallet based on the blockchain technology. The health records stored on the Iffy wallet are secure and less susceptible to theft. People using Iffy can access and share the medical information more transparently and securely. Also, the patient’s identity can be replaced with IFFY ID, ensuring confidentiality of health records.

Disclosing your HIV status to anyone is not easy, as people are afraid that their reputation may get ruined and they need to face societal tantrums. So to keep your anxiety away, Iffy can play an essential role as it lets you share your health records with a friend you admire on social media. Before starting a relationship, it is advisable to ask and share your medical records to avoid future problems.

Iffy is the decentralized platform, allowing you to exchange health records on social media and dating platforms securely and privately. One of the best advantages of using Iffy is that you can share your report for a certain period and can revoke the access anytime.

Once you create an account on the Iffy, the IFFY ID is generated, providing users anonymity. Using IFFY ID, you can share your reports with the ones you want and also make sure that another person is healthy.

A person can meet or connect with people in a more healthier way if he knows the other person’s HIV status. It sounds like a reasonable idea for those people who don’t want to get affected with this disease.

Iffy is one of the first decentralized applications that allow healthy online interactions between the partners using social networking sites. When anyone visits a lab for HIV test, they can ask the lab technician to upload their test results in their IFFY wallet privately.

Users using social networking sites can share their IFFY wallet address on their profile and securely share the results to whoever they want personally without allowing third parties to view or store the records.

As Iffy is based on the blockchain technology, no one can access your’s health or sensitive records uploaded on the Iffy wallet.