Iffy and Blockchain: Promoting Healthy Relationships

Iffy and Blockchain: Promoting Healthy Relationships

New relationships are always exciting for the young generation nowadays. But do they ever think, will it be a healthy relationship? A good relationship is always built on a core set of characteristics:

  1. Mutual respect 
  2. Regular Communication
  3. Comfortable around your friends and family
  4.  Caring and honest
  5. Encourages you to do well and succeed further

These are the fundamentals, but one should also consider whether the relationship is healthy or not. What if you find out that a person you are interested in, isn’t aware of the HIV status?

Therefore, whenever you are starting your new relationship, it would be nice if you ask for STD reports to ensure that the relationship is healthy as well as secure.

Ensuring about HIV status can help you undersatnd where the relationship stands. And not knowing the HIV status can lead to health risks and leave you with regrets.

The reality is many people suffer from STD, but don’t know about it. That’s why everyone should get tested for STD.

Some people would like to discuss regarding STD before starting a relationship and some would not. But, it would be great if you share your STD reports similarly like sharing dislikes or likes with the stranger.

Many people don’t feel safe to talk about their HIV status because they believe revealing HIV status can destroy their reputation.

What if they get some tool or application that enables them to share the HIV reports in an anonymous manner?

In today’s technological era, blockchain technology is growing rapidly and enhancing many industries like healthcare, supply chain and media.

Beyond the cryptocurrencies, blockchain has the potential to provide a new model for health information exchanges (HIE).

Since blockchain provides immutable and timestamped data, healthcare units can save HIV test results to an individual’s “digital ledger” with the date of the test and its results.

An individual can exchange HIV status securely using blockchain-based application with the person before engaging in high-risk relationships.

Nowadays, people are highly active on Social media sites. People chat, meet and then get fall in love with each other. But, most of them don’t ask the other person’s HIV status, as they don’t have any authenticated application to exchange the reports.

So, IFFY has been introduced that uses the Blockchain technology to provide access to the people to view unaltered health record of another person seamlessly.

When a person creates an account on the Iffy, a unique ID is generated, i.e., IFFY ID. Lab technicians can upload the person’s medical information transparently and securely to the IFFY wallet.

If any person wants to share a report with another person, they can provide IFFY ID. Using that ID, the other person can view the details, but cannot tamper or alter the details as it is stored on the Blockchain.

One more advantage of using blockchain based IFFY wallet is that the user can have a limited time frame to give read access to the HIV reports. Once the time limit gets over, the individual having user’s IFFY ID cannot view the information.

Therefore, IFFY adds more trust to the system by allowing people to provide access to their health information for a limited period.

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